Are Granola Cookies Truly Healthy?

Everyone has joined the bandwagon and is working towards being fit! But amidst the strict diet rules, the biggest hurdle to conquer is a sugar craving. After a healthy meal, the dire temptation of eating something sweet is unlike any other. But guess what? We have found you a healthier alternative that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These two words are about to become your best friends – Granola Cookies.

Granola cookies are the perfect healthy alternative for your after-meal sweet treat. But what makes granola cookies so special?

Granola, if made using healthier substitutes of sugar and oils can be a great replacement for sugary cereals. They are densely packed with nuts, berries and seeds which make them rich in fibre, micronutrients and proteins.  

Regular cookies consist of two of the biggest no-no’s when it comes to eating clean – refined flour and sugar. In a granola cookie, these two ingredients are replaced with healthier alternatives that taste just as delicious! We either use oatmeal flour or sugar substitutes to bind together this yummy goodness. This cookie is loaded with nuts and seeds which makes it extremely healthy, filling and helps you get that healthy sweet rush.

Great on-the-go snack
It is very difficult to eat healthy when you are on the go and you end up snacking on junk food then. Granola cookies are a great healthy alternative. They are packed with nutritious ingredients that fill you up and keep you going. It also provides you with additional energy, that will help you get through the remainder of the day.

Are granola cookies really delicious?

YES! Granola cookies while being healthy, can also be a delectable treat. They are packed with dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc. that give them a nutty flavour. Addition of seeds like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, can add a toasty flavour especially added after roasting them. Granola cookies are usually sweetened using date paste or stevia or coconut jaggery, which add a rich and caramelized flavour. If you feel your granola cookies are too dry, try having them with a glass of cold milk. But be careful, you just might get addicted to them.

Tempted to try a granola cookie? Order from us and enjoy the healthy treat of a granola cookie!

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