What Are Gluten Free Cookies?

Cookies are the perfect sweet treat for whenever you are craving something oh-so-sweet! The sugary, buttery and chewy goodness along with a glass of milk, make for the perfect snack. Even just a cookie on its own is the perfect after-dinner dessert to satiate your cravings. Sadly, not everyone can enjoy these chunky sweet treats.

One of the main ingredients of a cookie is ‘flour’. The flour is what gives your cookie the chewy bite and helps it bake to perfection. But for people with a gluten allergy, eating cookies end up being a big no-no. Several people also follow diets in which they choose not to consume any gluten. But us bakers couldn’t bear the thought of you not enjoying this delicious treat!

So, after much trial and error, we crafted the perfect gluten-free cookie, which helps you enjoy the delicious flavours of cookies, minus the gluten! Let’s find out what substitutes are used, and how gluten-free cookies might actually be nutritious!

What is used instead of flour?

It is very difficult for bakers to imitate the flavour of a traditional cookie without the glutinous component of flour. However, several bakers use tapioca (sabudana or sago) flour, rice flour, oat flour, millet flour, soy flour and many more. These flours help emulate the rich and chewy texture of a classic cookie without the addition of any gluten.

Are gluten free cookies a healthier alternative?
The answer to that would be, yes and no. While gluten free diets are all the rage right now to help with weight loss, there aren’t enough studies to confirm this. That being said, gluten free cookies can be made healthy. One way to make them healthier is by replacing refined sugar with substitutes like stevia or coconut sugar. Another way would be to load them up with nuts, fruit pieces and dark choco chips. This will ensure that your cookie tastes delicious and is guilt free!

We have crafted specially for you, the perfect gluten free, eggless cookies in several flavours that are sure to make you crave these cookies again. Here are our gluten-free cookie offerings: Hazelnut Oats cookies (Vegan and Gluten-free) & Gluten Free Chocochip Cookies

And not just that, we have gluten free offerings in the form of brownies, cakes, loafs, energy bites and more. So, what are you waiting for? We can already see your mouth watering, place an order right now and grab some delicious yet guilt free treats!

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