Fruity Treats, A Perfect Tea Time Snack!

Your high-tea can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. From the tapri ki cutting chai to fancy English tea, tea time is as versatile as it gets. But while the poshness of tea time experience may vary, the need for a snack is constant! The warm hug in a cup feels incomplete without an accompaniment to munch on. It can be a sweet treat, or a savoury one or a mix of the two, the possibilities are endless!

However, nothing compares to a fruity munchie along with your warm cup of tea. Here is a list of fruity treats that will have you hooked on them,

Muffins are an oldie but a goodie tea time snack. A bite of a freshly baked muffin followed by a sip of tea; a match made in heaven! The best part about muffins is that you can pick and choose the type of muffin you want to pair with your treat. Choose from a blueberry muffin, an orange cinnamon muffin, a cranberry muffin, and several more.

Tea Time Cakes
The name of this dessert is what makes this combination a no brainer. The crumbly texture of a tea time cake along with a chuski of your chai, makes us go ‘Aha!’. Tea time cakes are also the perfect dessert to offer to your guests along with the customary cups of tea. The options for tea time cakes are endless too – from a pista-raspberry cake, German cherry cake, to the more unique passionfruit cake you can choose a cake that best suits your flavour profile!

Anything lemony!

The zing of citrus truly makes the perfect accompaniment for chai. The tangy flavour with a sweet tea makes for a flavour explosion! You can have lemon tarts, lemon bars or even an orangy dessert the choice is yours! Is your mouth watering too? We know it is. But we have you covered. Our wide range of offerings is the perfect way to satisfy your craving. From tea time snacks to more rich and delectable offerings, we have them all! So, place your order right now.

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